November 1, 2023 - WTF? or Where is everything? or A Fresh Start

So it's just me now, like it was in the beginning, waaaay back.

I decided to rethink what we stock, etc.

So alot of stuff is gone or will be very shortly, anything that comes out of hiding around the shop will be in the Basement section going forward.

NO MORE: Chinese parts, Taiwanese parts, cheap crappy parts of any kind.

NO MORE PARTS FOR: string trimmers, blowers, concrete saws, Chinese saws, clone saws, any homeowner models, any farm and ranch models, any PRO saws that are not commonly ported for high performance or RACING use.

We plan to continue designing and providing CCCRacing parts from Wiseco, Cannon, and Meteor as well as parts for the best saws from Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Caber, 6K, Tillotson, Walbro as well as a generous number of custom parts from folks here in the US, Canada, Australia and maybe even Atlantis.

Going forward priority will be given to the growing number of builders who use our exclusive CCCRacing parts.

There will be a Facebook forum for customers and the curious about our products.

As it was in the beginning, I want to support chainsaw racing and see the sport grow.   This is America dammit, we can take anything too far in the name of competition and excess.




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