DEPOSIT on CCC Racing by Wiseco STIHL 090 Performance Piston


This DEPOSIT guarantees your ability to purchase this piston when they become available.

The price of this piston will be $180.00.  You will recieve a coupon for $60 off when you place your deposit of $50.00.   Balance will be $120.00 shipped in the USA when we recieve the shipment.


These are specialized High Performance/Racing pistons.

They are designed and sold exclusively by ChainsawCC worldwide, and are manufactured for us right here in the USA by Wiseco.

These pistons, like all race/performance products, are to be used exclusively at your own risk, wear chaps at all times when operating a chainsaw.

These models of CCC Racing pistons feature forged billet construction, CNC machining, high quality rings from Caber (Italy) or NPR (Japan), a great piston pin (a few models require the OEM piston pin and will be marked that way) and circlips, you will also find cool CCC Racing and Wiseco Racing stickers in the box :)

They are Lighter and Stronger and Faster than the OEM and aftermarket parts for the same model chainsaw.

They feature a single ring, centered on the intake, wider skirts (and in some cases, a centered, domed pop up) as well as proprietary coatings on the dome, ring land, skirts and interior.

All of this is designed to allow the builder/porter/cylinder artist to have the most room and flexibility in building the motor.

These pistons are NOT made for milling (with certain noted exceptions).

If you plan to use these pistons in a stock, non-ported cylinder, please shoot me an eBay message for additional instructions.

We warranty CCC Racing products against manufacturing defects only until they are installed, no exceptions.

These pistons are packed securely and double boxed.

We will NOT provide proprietary details about our designs but builders are welcome to contact us for pertinent information.

The crown IS thick enough to allow the domed pop up (if so equipped) to be milled off if desired.